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Minutes 2/2/12

Facilitator : Samantha /// Minutes: Shay

Rebbecca is part of move on Westchester core council
Would like to foster our connection w/them and show support at their events.
Meeting this Monday 7pm. Email Rebbecca if ud like to go
**Rebbecca will put link on fb,
??maybe one on wordpress too
Samantha’s letter to faculty inviting them to our meetings
Feb 7. Meeting with faculty. Have representatives there to ask for signatures on solidarity letter, slash invite them to our meetings w/letter
Could stand outside w/this stuff if all else fails
**Shay will email KIM asking about how/who will announce this for us?
Maybe ask tenure faculty… komozi, david p, marilyn p

senate financial forum feb 23rd tits lecture hall 6-8pm – cool lets go!

working group breakdown
updating from 12 potential groups, ending on 4. Will continue to define and figure out particulars this sunday at 2pm meeting. So far… Below:

RESPONSIBLE FOR: -publicizing our ows group
-planning outreach events on campus and maybe with suny purchase nearby
-organizing rountable events
-creating forum for occupy incorporation w/slc studies
-In charge of spreading info around slc about events happening at other occupations, as the continue to happen
-In charge of creating a system for bringing students to Westchester to volunteer w/various groups, actions, etc.
(-In charge of tapping into our student resources: ex. School van rentals, senate funding, etc. etc. etc. for actions on campus and to mobilize us elsewhere (nyc, Westchester, etc.)
-in charge of spreading awareness of these resources to the greater slc community)

RESPONSIBLE FOR: -being open to supporting other groups on campus to make their actions happen – campus labor group? Events in solidarity with workers
-creating events on campus in direct response to needs at slc
-promoting their own events, by making online event pages and sending out emails to inform others of direct action.
-taking immediate action on campus in response to incidents at occupations around the globe & informing both slc’s occupy group, and the larger community, of these events when they are happening

RESPONSIBLE FOR: -Publications (and new section in the phoenix?)
-In charge of updating our wordpress w/bi-weekly minutes
-checking the occupyslc general email                                                                                – archives/photos/press stuff for events and getting the word out (beyond campus) about slc occupy ongoings      -checking our occupy twitter as often as possible to keep it up to date and active
-creating an occupy slc facebook page (not just group)

RESPONSIBLE FOR: -Creating a system and resources for bringing students to nyc to volunteer w/various groups, actions, etc. part-time
-in charge of getting in touch with students at other schools to strengthen the student movement, and co-host events etc.
-planning, promoting, organizing occupy art event in nyc

Working Group Bottom-liners as of now… to be further discussed sunday at 2pm meeting:
D.A.- Samantha
NYC- Easton, Vita
OUTREACH- Hazel, Kayleigh, Shay

AWARA- meeting at bates meeting room 8:30 tonight

Phoenix will give us a spot in their paper for stuff in the city and here at school

Workers appreciation dinner- still looking for people to lead subgroups, and casual volunteers

Shays rundown of OccupyColleges conference call…DETAILS BELOW (as requested) Set up by INTEROCCUPY, see website for more info:

-national call for colleges to have teach-in’s one week before the march 1st action. Feb 22/23rd. Should we organize something as a group since this is such short notice???

-March 1st Protest/March for education… it would be cool if we could have some occupy SLC rep in the city and on campus. ALSO, OccupyColleges is trying to create some type of petition type thing for people to be able to sign online if they cannot attend events. (This petition would be against what has been happening in higher education and a call for change) Could possibly be handed off to Obama by students…

-Possible DC Roadtrip event. go to “OCCUPYCONGRESSSTUDENTS” on twitter for more info.. they will try to have a conference call soon.

It is decided we want to do stuff during the national teach-in days… lets throw out ideas since its coming up so soon..

-Non violent protest workshop
-An informal event for outreach to set up to make ows friendly (AKA Free speech event we had this past fall)
-Occupy education/occupy student loans (read minutes from their meeting), maybe we could combine with them
-Info session on subtracted companies that serve our campus
-Informal or formal discussion panel: students &/or professors. who can we get?
PANEL SHOULD DISCUSS/EXPLAIN: Why is this important UP HERE!? And at slc?
-One other panel to explain what occupy is NOW and what theyre doing NOW:
w/activists from city and maybe other teachers/students etc.                                     – Small hands-on discussion groups with students and professors given a particular topic or issue related to occupy

*emails to send out tonight: Write your assigned professor(s) and ask them if/how they would like to be involved in these teach-in days. Send them the above ideas if you want. See what their interest level is/ what their concerns may be. Explain we are aproaching a small handful of professors and
EASTON– Priscilla and kim and marilyn
HAZEL– rema and Komozi
KAYLEIGH– suzanne
HAZEL & SHAY– Speak to David Peritz on monday
ETHAN- marina vitkin
VITA– Dominic & Kristin Sands & Art department?  & Ellen Nescar


Minutes 26/1/12


  • Minutes taken by Ethan
  • Start by making an agenda, what we want to do, announcements
  • Report Backs
  • Archives?
  • Organizing going to the city as a group
  • Event this Saturday,
  • Managing SLC occupy stuff online, splitting into working groups
  • Publication
  • Becoming an official club
  • Food co-op
  • Going through agenda items one by one as schedule
  • Recap of last semester

Recap of last semester

  • organized a teach in, held in heimbold. First big event, 100 people. Faculty participation
  • Sarah Lawrence occupy social networks, WordPress, twitter, blog, etc. spread awareness
  • Follow up event–facilitation workshop, then chatted about things to do next semester

Last meeting

  • Weekly meeting time
  • Official/unofficial club
  • What do we want more of?
  • Some questions were answered, but some are still open
  • Suggestion about working occupy wall street into conference work
    • Hard to coordinate–spread work about occupy through projects and etc


  • Rob–started working with general committee through vanguard (publication platform)–pedagogue form for college. Help project voice on institution. Vanguard weekly meetings Monday 900 in McCracken meeting room. Sets of meetings, working with class president to coordinate with campus events. Trying to get faculty to participate in event. 
  • Shay–this Saturday there will be an event, occupy river town. How occupation relates to life of people. Organized by concerned families of westfhester, school groups. They would like to be more involved. Could open up dialogue with them. Could figure out getting a van.
    • Occupy town square this Saturday in Washington square park
    • We could take a van for that
    • Non Facebook–make a google group through our school emails. May not work, wil be looked into
  • Publication
  • Sunday at 630, meeting about starting a food co-op, in the McCracken meeting room


  • Proposal for making a publication. Group working toward making this publication
  • People who are interested can meet up
  • Trying to get money for our OWN publication or occupy issue in ONE other publication?
  • Talk about what is going on that people are pissed about — for people who aren’t Internet friendly
  • Discuss what’s on our minds, could go on agenda.
  • Would love to open up that conversation ^
  • Do we want to make a pub? We have a lot of resources, but there are a LOT of publications, we could use those to our own advantage. Special occupy section
  • Working groups, form them. Organizational structure
  • Needs to be a working group, save time in meetings


  • Problems with keeping it a horizontally organized movement and turning it into an official club. So keep it a club or keep it an informal group?
  • Pros and cons
    • Informal group, doesn’t make much of a difference
    • Formal group, gets funding, but needs a chair and co-chair etc.
  • Clubs, do resources become more available–probably. More access to vans and etc. — someone should look into this
  • Do we want funding and access to club space–this is the question
  • Although, it’s pretty easy to go to senate and request money
  • Could go either way. It comes down to access to club space. Do we need it? I mean, we are here
  • Finance group

Working groups

  • Rough draft list of groups we need, how will we split off?
  • Throw out ideas and post them online
  • What is our mission? Foster a mission to occupy city, spread awareness, etc.
  • “SLC students and faculty that are involved with the occupy movement” — mission statement
  • Working groups let us decide how we can be more involved
  • Find a place to discuss occupy and come up with ideas. Find an arena.
  • A place where we can discuss what is happening at SLC
  • Collaborate w/people Ipin the city
  • Occupy movement is too democratic for a mission statement
  • Support system for whatever we want to do.
  • Benefit of it is that people are working n smaller issues.
  • Working groups meet separately, weekly or whatever and break out into clusters
  • The more we split up the more we can lose people
  • Inability to be working with other groups at the same time
  • Working groups meet and have shorter break outs
  • Put out needs, others put out resources
  • Biweekly thing, push for attendence, big group; individual work group meetings; weekly groups as a large groups — vote. Biweekly meetings wins.
  • Brainstorm about ideas for working groups
  • Working group that is about plugging into occupy in the city
  • Financial work group
  • Separate direct action group
  • Publication work group
  • Twitter account, “what’s happening now” account. Workgroup
  • Round table discussion group about occupy workgroup
  • Make a doodle for next meeting
  • Time suggestions? Next week same time unless something changes, as a backup


-Archives: Should we be doing anything other than taking minutes to document our meetings? Pictures, journals, etc.

-Easton will look into forming a non-facebook group that will work for people (google groups may be an issue for some slc emails)

-Easton is forming a childcare collective. Email him for more info/to be involved.

-It is our general understanding that we do not need to form an official club. We will not benefit financially any more so from senate if were official vs. unofficial.

-March 1st!! Lets talk about action etc. in our working groups.


1 Finance, 2 Events/Direct Action on Campus, 3 Involvement in NYC, 4 Campus Labor Group, 5 Internet/ Communication, 6 Publications, 7 Direct Action, 8 Conference Projects/ Incorporation w/studies, 9 Occupy Art, 10 Student Connection w/other Schools, 11 Outreach on Camps, 12 Roundtable Discussions

*brainstorm and downsize for next week so we’re nt all split in a million directions.