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Statement of Solidarity with Brutalized Occupy Protesters

Statement of Solidarity

With Brutalized Occupy Protesters

Our First Amendment protects certain values that are inseparable from democratic life. Every violation, trivialization, or bastardization of these is an abuse of power. At this hour of great social awakening, our right to peaceably assemble is arguably the most crucial and is currently the most aggressively denied.

The recent incidents of police brutality against peaceful student protesters at the UC Universities and Baruch College reflect a widespread attack on democracy occurring across our nation. The recent attacks on peaceful demonstrations at Occupy Oakland and occupations across the nation are also evidence of this. These attacks have risen from fear of a functioning democracy, targeting citizens who claim the basic rights they were promised. The violent responses to student demonstrations reveal a repressive system of power that is threatened by peaceful resistance.

We, the undersigned of Sarah Lawrence College, stand in solidarity with students and occupiers all over the country as they demand justice for acts of violence that have breached their trust in institutions of higher learning, and as they strive to reintegrate the promise of democracy into our governing systems. We stand in solidarity with the Occupy Movement that continues to mobilize Americans toward reclaiming their rights, voices, and futures. We the people can be the powers that be.

If you want to stand in solidarity with the 153 who have already signed this statement,

please visit
If you are interested in being a part of Occupy Sarah Lawrence, please email us at, and/or visit us this Thursday at 5pm in the Black Squirrel. All are welcome.

In Solidarity (List in Formation),

Sahil Bhalla,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Adeel Salman,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Chloe  Moser,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Mostafa El Manzalawy,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Sadie Spencer,Berlin,,10961,DE,11/30/2011

Shay Roman,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Kristy Mitchell,Stephenville,TX,76401,United States,11/30/2011

Professor maria negroni, Bronxville NY,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Professor Jan Drucket,New York,NY,10023,United States,11/30/2011

Professor Suzanne Gardinier ,New York,NY,10023-3324,United States,11/30/2011

Kaia Zimmerman,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Ingrid Loveras,Yonkers,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Professor Una Chung, Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Emma Casey,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Michelle Huber,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Gloria Hurst,Hawthorne,CA,90250,United States,11/30/2011

Robin DeLuise,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Beatrice Mora,Foothill Ranch,CA,92610,United States,11/30/2011

Marie Howe,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Rebekkah Olson,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Zoe Frederick,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Professor Priscilla Murolo,Yonkers,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Dylan Debelis,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Valentina Mann,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Andrea Cetra,Brooklyn,NY,11215,United States,11/30/2011

Sophia Clark,Glenwood springs,CO,81623,United States,11/30/2011

Lyde Cullen Sizer,Hastings-on-Hudson,NY,10706,United States,11/30/2011

Gabriel Barreto,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Roxann MtJoy,Mount Vernon,NY,10552,United States,11/30/2011

Sarah Lewis,Bronxville,,10708,FR,11/30/2011

Majia Nadesan,Scottsdale,AZ,85266,United States,11/30/2011

Allison Kalnik,White Plains,NY,12572,United States,11/30/2011

Alice Quinlan,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Allie Amoscat,Woodland HIlls,CA,91364,United States,11/30/2011

Alex Shifman,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

rowan magee,Brooklyn,NY,11238,United States,11/30/2011

Russell Cohen Hoffing,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Shannon Lippert,Melrose,MA,02176,United States,11/30/2011

Sarah Healy,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Simone Recasner,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Baxter Townsend,Bronxville,NY,10708-5940,United States,11/30/2011

Honor Burn,Bronxville,CA,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Fiona Mahon,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Shambala Fisher,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Kat N,Irmo,SC,29063,United States,11/30/2011

Kathryn York,Flat Rock,MI,48134,United States,11/30/2011

Michael Cohen,Brooklyn,NY,11211,United States,11/30/2011

David Fieni,Mount Vernon,NY,10552,United States,11/30/2011

Katherine Steward,Lyndonville,VT,05851,United States,11/30/2011

S M,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Monica Wise,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

K. Hannah Friedman,Chicago,IL,60660,United States,11/30/2011

William Northup,Davis,CA,95616,United States,11/30/2011

Juan Sebastian Barreneche,New York,NY,10028,United States,11/30/2011

Justin Lutz,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

David Mazzzucchi,New York,NY,10029,United States,11/30/2011

Kyle Kochersperger,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Joey De Jesus,Brooklyn,NY,11221,United States,11/30/2011

Professor Shahnaz Rouse,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Pranaya Rana,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Jessica Goodwin,New York,NY,10019,United States,11/30/2011

katiana carey-simms,Berkeley,CA,94704-1909,United States,11/30/2011

Tyler McGuckin,Hasboruck Heights,NJ,07604,United States,11/30/2011

Rebecca Stuart,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Jordan Knight,Irvine,CA,92620,United States,11/30/2011

Lukas Fauset,Bronxville,NY,10007,United States,11/30/2011

C. Kimmi Ramnine,Brooklyn,NY,11235,United States,11/30/2011

Emma Staffaroni,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Wells Albritton,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Emily Hicks,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Professor Kim Ferguson,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Mia Henley,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Shoumik  Bhattacharya ,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Michael Bentz,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Shivani Mehta,Mumbai,,400056,India,11/30/2011

Monica Lerch,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Jane Quigley,Brooklyn,NY,11211,United States,11/30/2011

Melody Lee,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Joseph A. W. Quintela,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

linwood lewis,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Victoria Lepore,Yonkers,NY,10703,United States,11/30/2011

kelly gilbert,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Galen Marshall-Clark,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Dominic  Corva,Seattle,NY,9802,United States,11/30/2011

Tanay Warerkar,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Lukas Martinelli,Pleasant Hill,CA,94523,United States,11/30/2011

Professor Komozi Woodard,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Catherine O’Sullivan,New York,NY,10039,United States,11/30/2011

Alexis  Ingram,Providence,RI,02908,United States,11/30/2011

will castelli,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Ellen  W,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Sebastien Kelso,Tracy,CA,95304,United States,11/30/2011

Nathaniel Rosenthalis,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Samantha Felmus,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Kimberly Christensen,Bronxville,NY,10708 ,United States,11/30/2011

Brigid Conroy,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Carly  Ayala,New York,NY,10034,United States,11/30/2011

Laura Ayala,NYC,NY,10034,United States,11/30/2011

Ellen Herra,New York,NY,10026,United States,11/30/2011

lucia curiel,potomac,MD,20854,United States,11/30/2011

Jessica Cymerman,Los Angeles,CA,90027,United States,11/30/2011

Jennifer Garvey,Mt Vernon,NY,10552,United States,11/30/2011

Shelby Martin,Brooklyn,NY,11207,United States,11/30/2011

mackenzie Gassett,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Zach Brady,Hackensack,NJ,07601,United States,11/30/2011

Julia Lee,East Hampton,NY,11937,United States,11/30/2011

Charles Milliken,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Nachi Conde-Farley,Yonkers,NY,10708,United States,11/30/2011

Anna Opryszko,Rockville,MD,20850-2135,United States,11/30/2011

Mark Lungociu,Rockville,MD,20852,United States,12/01/2011

james m nordlund,Fargo,ND,58102,United States,12/01/2011

Hillary  Bernhardt,Millersville,MD,21108,United States,12/01/2011

Emily Johnson,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,12/01/2011

hazel Kiefer,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,12/01/2011

Lauren Stein,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,12/01/2011

Rachel Sander,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,12/01/2011

Tessa Noonan,Boone,NC,28608,United States,12/01/2011

Alan Haggard,San Diego,CA,92105-5104,United States,12/01/2011

Sarah DeSocio,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,12/01/2011

John Collector,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,12/01/2011

Daniella Benavides,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,12/01/2011

Emily Stokes,Sellersville,PA,18960,United States,12/01/2011

Alia Shinbrough,Bronxville,NY,08816,United States,12/01/2011

David Hauss,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,12/01/2011

Nadia Brent,New York,NY,10023-7819,United States,12/01/2011

Milah Libin,Brooklyn,NY,11217,United States,12/01/2011

Sean FitzGerald,louisville,KY,40205,United States,2011-12-02

Alberto Mei,BRONXVILLE,NY,10708,United States,2011-12-02

Emma Duncan,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,2011-12-02

Stephen Ira,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,2011-12-02

Thomas Loder,Dedham,MA,02026,United States,2011-12-02

Melissa  Vaughan-Kleppel,Greenville,SC,29611,United States,2011-12-03

Emma Bloom,Sharon,MA,02067,United States,2011-12-03

Kayleigh Salstrand,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,2011-12-03

Jisu Kim,Norman,OK,300-825,United States,2011-12-03

Alice  Amundson,Missoula,MT,59801,United States,2011-12-03

Jordan Sjol,Yonkers,NY,10701,United States,2011-12-03

Daniel Hopen,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,2011-12-03

vaughn bergen,New York,NY,10024,United States,2011-12-03

Priya Charry,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,2011-12-04

Talia Amatulli,Mount Vernon,NY,10552,United States,2011-12-04

Julie Bulger,Pleasant View,CO,81234,United States,2011-12-11

Sean McIntyre,Houston,TX,77005,United States,2011-12-12

Easton Smith,Brooklyn,NY,11216,United States,2012-01-20

Ezra  Marcus,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,2012-01-27

Russell Cohen-Hoffing,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,2012-01-27

Liam O’Brien,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,2012-01-27

Dominick  Boyle,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,2012-01-27

lucy kahn,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,2012-01-27

Maggie Jenne,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,2012-01-27

Rachel Forbes,Bronxville,NY,10708,United States,2012-01-27

Zach Brady,bronxville,NY,10708,United States,2012-01-27


Event: Facilitation Workshop & Meeting of the Minds

Saturday, December 3rd, from 3-5pm in the SLC Pillow Room
“What is consensus & How does it work?”
An informal facilitation workshop with Stephan Fink and Jillian Quinn Buckley of Occupy Wall Street
“How can full time students be more involved in the Occupy Movement?” 
A creative discussion concerning the student “role” in the Occupy Movement. An organizational meeting for future campus involvement with OWS.”
Join us this Saturday and lend your voice.
RSVP via FB event:

OWS Teach-In Information

First SLC Teach-InThe following are each speaker’s short biographies and descriptions  of their discussions from today’s teach-in:

  1. Kim Christensen (Economics and Public Policy Professor at Sarah Lawrence College)

Bio: Dr. Christensen’s research focuses on the intersection of economics with public policy issues, with a particular emphasis on issues of race, gender, class, and labor. She is a long-time political activist, most recently involved in OWS.

Talk: “How Did We Get Here? The Economic and Political Context for OWS.”: “Following a brief survey of the state of the mortgage/housing market, this talk situates the current economic crisis in the deregulation mania of the 1990s and 2000s, and in the increasing inequalities of income and wealth. We will locate this increasing inequality in both structural changes in the global economy and in regressive government policies that disproportionately favor the top 1%.”

  1. Dominic Corva (Latin American Politics Professor at Sarah Lawrence College):

Bio: Dr. Corva is a Political Geographer. His research interests include the role of social movements in political formation, the geopolitics of the “war on drugs” in the Western Hemisphere, transnational governance and state repression, biopolitics and hegemonic strategy, and the political economy of commodity chains.

Talk: “Cautionary Tales, Horizontal Tactics and Common Grounds: Notes and Notions from Occupied Latin America”: This talk presents parallels between the politics and tactics of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and those of recent social movements in Latin America that are also concerned with inequality and the dominance of financial interests in their governments’ economic policies.

  1. Jamee Moudud (Economics Professor at Sarah Lawrence College):

Bio: Dr. Moudud is an economics professor whose research publications focus on the relationship between industrial competition, innovation, and the developmental welfare state.

Talk: “Challenging the Austerity Framework: Notes for the Occupy Wall Street Movement”: This talk will suggest that the scholarly work that should underpin the potential positive contributions of the OWS has to (a) link business history with the struggle for social justice (b) show why the call for social relief and the role of the State has nothing to do with “socialism” as the Tea Party suggests (c) show the need for a Jobs program based, in part, on repairing and extending the country’s decaying public infrastructure: in short the need for a New Poor People’s campaign and (d) show that long-term socio-economic problems facing the country and the world will deepen with austerity measures which tend to squash innovations of all kinds.

  1. Joey De Jesus (2nd year Graduate Student at Sarah Lawrence College):

Bio: Recent graduate of Oberlin College currently a second year in the MFA program in poetry. He has been involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Talk: “The Presence of Poetry in the Occupy Wall Street Camps”: This talk will discuss poetry events in the Occupy Wall Street Camp at Liberty Square/Zucatti Park. It will highlight some ways in which the movement is being used as a platform for poetic discourse as exemplified by the Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology. This talk will also discuss the way poetry confronts the commodification of language by eliminating silence and by emphasizing a mode of communication that relies on the human capacity for empathy over explanation, fact-telling and narrative rationality. Poetry is a way of being, not a way of getting something done, and is, perhaps, the proposed alternative the Occupy Wall Street movement asks for.

  1. Jillian Buckley (Alumni, SLC’ 11):

Bio: Graduated in 2011 from the MFA program in poetry. Currently in outreach working group at occupy wall street.

We were able to stream the event LIVE today!! To view these clips, click here!

Here is the itinerary from our event today!

Got comments or questions regarding the event? Email if you want more information or want to be put on our email list!


OWS Teach-In: Saturday November 19th!

In the context of the current economic crisis, and initiatives to push through austerity programs by some political forces:

What is the Occupy Wall Street Movement about, and what are some of the issues and challenges it confronts?

Please join us for a Teach-In with SLC faculty members who will provide a historical, political, economic, and social analysis on the current situation. Speakers: Jamee Moudud (Economics), Dominic Corva (Latin American Politics), and Kim Christensen (Economics). With SLC Alumnus Jillian Quinn Buckley, and Graduate Student Joey De Jesus.

Moderated by: Ingrid Loveras, Rob Winslow, and Shay Roman.

This Teach-In is a mutual dialogue among all members of our community regarding this important political movement.

Here is our FB event:

And if you can’t be there, watch us LIVE: